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December 18, 2007


Ubu Walker

I had this same problem with a neighbor in a North Jersey Suburb. The first thing I would suggest doing is to go over and talk to the neighbor. Introduce yourself, if you already haven't and start chatting about random stuff. Mention how pretty the Christmas display is, and casually drop a comment about how you can hear it before you go to bed. 9 times out of 10, the neighbor is probably already worried that neighbors might find the display offensive, and he will volunteer to figure out a way to make the music lower during the day and off at night.

If he doesn't respond to this neighborly approach, try telling him more directly that you would like the display off after a certain hour. If he tells you no, make a comment about how a good Christian would respect his neighbors and then tell him that you plan on calling the police after 10pm to complain about a noise violation. If that doesn't work, then call the cops.

Wanting to sleep at night in a quiet environment isn't being a grinch about the holiday season.

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