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October 19, 2007



I KNOW!! And how did you like the speech? Just sleep...I'll see you in forever. I'm still holding out hope that he'll come back to life after he's been buried for three days and have to make a dramatic, sweaty escape from the grave. He'll be shirtless, of course, when he makes his grand entrance into the penthouse. Naturally Marlena will be so overcome that she'll have a stroke and it will be months before she can find out that Sammy really is John's biological child after all. Siiiiiigh.


Oh Alisha, I haven't watched Thursday & Friday's episodes yet, but I am afraid it's all too final. Poor John, cut down in his prime, before he even got to have sex with Marlena again!

I wonder what other acting gig John Black is every going to get, though, for reals. He is kind of...what's the nice way of saying "over the top, comedically so"? Oh, right, there kind of isn't a nice way to say that.

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