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October 14, 2003



WTF is it with weblogs and knitting? It's like every freakin' woman on the internet is part of a knitting web ring or something. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD PLEASE STOP.

p.s. If you could make me a nice scarf I'd really appreciate it.


I *loved* a very homemade Christmas.

Also: I still wear the scarf -- all the time. People always ask me where I got it.

I'm thinking side gig for you...


Sarah, I'll give you my magic hat pattern if you share your super scarf one with me. AND, right now I am working on my first ever sweater! Fall is knitting season, indeed.


Guilty as charged. Fall knitting is better. I made a disastrous summer halter top this year. Anyhow, i'm not sure which book you were referring to, but I recommend the new Stich 'N Bitch by D. Stoller. It's everything I was hoping for!


Fuck, whoops, my link went insane! I will edit the link since yes, that Stitch 'n Bitch book was what I was referring to.

And Amykins? My "pattern"? Uhm, maybe I was overstating it? It's pretty much a gajillion rows of knit-purl with nubby yarn and fuckloads of fringe.


Alrighty, my magic hat? Cast on 82 stitches of nubby yarn on size 9 needles (for more structure, double strand with a complimentary sport/worsted weight). Knit-purl for 3 inches, next knit row decrease 9 stitches, evenly spaced (every 9th stitch). Continue decrease every knit row until you are left with only 9 stitches on the needle. Sew seam and plop on head. Knits up fast and warm and looks sassy, too.


*giggle* What's up with knitting? Why, unlike standing barefoot, pregnant in the kitchen, washing dishes, you actually have something concrete to show for it afterwards!


so apparently...

boys on the internet have porn and computers.

women have knitting.

one can only assume you perceive this as a fair exchange...

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