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Eat 'n Park
The cutest mom/baby in the world.
Friendship amongst the beer bottles.
This girl is much prettier than me.
Partying like it's 1997.
Not quite giving the finger.
Brush with daytime television greatness!
Not responsible.
Jon and Jannit.
Oh classy lady!
A covered bridge!
Holy goodness, my hair looks dry.
Peace, says the little Colonial guy.
Yes, it's a drum circle!
Smelling the flowers in Hippieland.
A boar in repose.
Art from the public restroom.
I want an outfit like that.
What a smile.
Cozy shawl from Knitty (on my mom).
My mom caught narcolepsy!
I look tough!
Mr. Pink sooo wants to do this to our car.
Football is for everyone!
Grand-standing with cheap champagne.
Dollar store carnage!
Why yes, those are plastic champagne glasses!
The boys from Columbus.
Kara & Marco
Can you believe this fucking cake?
Jen and Pat, before the silly string incident.
What is that on your ear, Patrick?
The professional.
The late, great Art Rooney
Dan guards a grill.
Gentlemen's agreement
Hughes house
Kissy face.
Hotel room Bible.
Hotel Room Bible, II.
Boys at Zookey's.
Girls like sports bars too.
Kelly and Jennifer
Looking elsewhere.
Mindy and Jen.
Wholey's: the fish tank.
Wholey's: the line at the fish counter.
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